Тренировочный тест на тему «Времена»

Вариант А

  1. I ( be) busy every day.
  2. We ( have ) a test tomorrow
  3. Yesterday we (go) to a concert hall and (listen ) to classical music
  4. I just ( speak) to my mum
  5. My dad (work) at a smelter for 9 years.
  6. Listen! Somebody ( open) the door,
  7. Don’t disturb me! I (write) a report.
  8. We (be) to st. Petersburg twice already.
  9. In the future life (be) more comfortable.
  10. Look! Birds (fly) to the North.
  11. My sister (grow) beautiful flowers every year. No wonder- she (do) it since her childhood
  12. Where is Jane?- she ( read) in the garden. Aha, I (see ) her now.
  13. The company (face) the  harshest trading environment last year.
  14. I (know) Sam for ages.
  15. In the past life (be) much more difficult.


Вариант B

  1. I (be) busy since morning.
  2. Next week I (have) my birthday. I (be)twenty.
  3. Listen! The car (come).
  4. My brother ( travel) around the world twice. He (be) a sailor
  5. Last year I (visit) France and I (see) the Eithel tower.
  6. I (know) my friend since my childhood.
  7. Don’t bother me. I ( be) busy. I (do) a project,
  8. Perhaps, I (have) some free time tomorrow,
  9. I usually (go) to college by bus, but yesterday my friend (give) me a lift.
  10. I (collect) coins for 5 years. My parents (sponsor) me.
  11. Every year my family ( go ) to the seaside.
  12. I (do) a lot of sightseeing last year, when I (be) in st. Petersburg
  13. I (make) new friends two years when I (rest) in Sochi,
  14. Look! It (snow) hard.
  15. I ( do0 the test already.