Тренировочный тест «Одежда»

1. Before I buy jeans, I always ………… first.

A. dress them up B. dress them down C. try them on D. take them off

2. When you go for a job interview, it’s a good idea …..

A. to dress up B. to dress down C.to put on D. to take off

3. It’s so sunny today I’ll need …… my sunglasses.

A. to try on B. to take off C. to put on

4. When you enter the temple, please ………your shoes.

A. dress up B. take off C. dress down D. try on

5. He always wears a suit and a tie at work, so on Sunday he prefers ….

A. taking off B. dressing down C. putting on D. dressing up

6. Составьте диалог из фраз

What size? It is $50, it’s not very expensive. Can you help me? Can I try it on? Red, please Yes please, it’s over there What colour? By credit card. Medium please I need a track suit. Sure. How much is it? Medium, please. Welcome. It fits me. I will take it. Do you pay by cash? Thank you for your shopping.